Company profile

Welcome to the Van Geel Orchid website. Our company is based in Erica in the Netherlands. The website provides information about our Phalaenopsis nursery. For specific information or requests, please feel free to contact us.

Since 2006, we have been producing about 30,000 Phalaenopsis plants each week, most of which are the two-stem variety. We produce our plants in a sustainable manner under the very best conditions for the plants, humans and the environment. You will find more information about this under the heading 'Certification'.

Most of our plants are delivered in a variety of colours combined in a tree or a box. We can also cater for special requirements, including orders for specific varieties or a particular mix. We make deliveries twice a day to customers at or near the large auctions in the Netherlands. We can also make and attach stickers for you to ensure fast and flexible deliveries.

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