Tips for plant care


Phalaenopsis prefers a temperature between 20°C and 22°C. The minimum temperature for the plant is 16°C. Habitat In the wild, Phalaenopsis grows in the shadow. Make sure the plant is in a place that has sufficient light, but is away from bright sunlight. It is especially important not to place the plant in direct sunlight from April until the end of September. Phalaenopsis does not like to be in a draught or near the central heating radiators.


Watering once a week is sufficient. You can plunge the plant in a bowl with lukewarm water then allow it to drain thoroughly. Make sure that the orchid does not stand in the water because this will damage the roots. If the plant is too dry, the roots will turn grey. A healthy, well cared-for plant will have green roots.

When the plant has finished flowering, prune the plant above a node; after several weeks or months, a new branch will start to grow.

There are thousands of varieties of orchid, each with its own habitat and care needs. These guidelines are intended as general pointers for the typical windowsill orchid such as a Phalaenopsis. When you purchase a more specialised orchid, make sure you ask about its particular needs.

With good care, the plant will bloom for 2-6 months.